Great Dane Personality

The Great Dane must be spirited, courageous, always friendly and dependable, and never timid or aggressive. - Taken from the official Great Dane Standard

"There is nothing like a Dane!" is often heard from fanciers of this breed. And while size alone makes him unique, the Great Dane's personality is the quality that most find so appealing. The Dane is a "people dog" - a sensitive and affectionate companion. They can be elegant and dignified one moment, and then playful and silly the next.

They were originally developed in Germany to hunt wild boar. And although they are no longer used for that purpose, they should still possess the confidence that made them suitable for that work. Because of their temperament, and the fact that they are generally clean and quiet, they make ideal inside-the-house pets. They do not make good "yard" dogs, because when segregated from human companionship, they can become very unruly and destructive.

Puppy buyers should always be sure to see at least the dam of the litter (and the sire if possible). Puppy temperament is influenced by both heredity (from sire, dam, and other ancestors), and by environment (which is greatly influenced by the dam, and the breeder's rearing practices). Anyone buying a puppy should ensure that the dam does have a temperament that conforms to the breed standard, and that the breeder is raising the puppies properly (in the house as part of the family), and is providing adequate socialization and early training.

by Georgia Alyce Thomas